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Terms & Conditions



When you use our custom writing service, you agree to the terms and condition. This Terms and Condition provides a legal binding between “You” or “Student” and “Company” or “Website”.  You hire us to deliver you services regarding researching and writing on the determined time.  We possess all the rights to refuse the delivery of any order at its discretion. When we refuse to deliver an order, we refund the payment in full. The assignment price quoted on the website is instructive. If student refuses to accept alternative price and or delivery timing, he or she will be refunded in full. If student is not satisfied with the delivered order, you will be offered alternative compensation, as established in this terms and condition. As per Company’s policy, student cannot have a personal or direct interaction with the writer without brining it in our knowledge.

Terms of Appointment

The agreement between the Student and the Website will commence once student places the order and we confirm the order receipt. The agreement between student and website continues until the deadline of revision. Once revision time is expired, the agreement ends. After the end of the agreement, following clauses will be taken over.


The Company is responsible for hiring and assigning the suitably qualified experts to write your paper. We take all reasonable measures to ensure that only qualified, skilled, and experienced researcher and writer. The Company is responsible to share the qualification and experience of the writer, but is not bound to share the writer’s name or contact details. Once an order is assigned to a suitable writer, Student cannot cancel the order or claim refund. Student agrees to pay the order amount in advance. However, if a student does not pay the full amount of the order at the time of order placement, the Student agrees to pay the full due amount before the deadline of the order. Failure to pay the full amount before the delivery will result in a delay in the order delivery.

Order Details  

Student agrees to provide a clear brief to the Company’s writer to ensure that order details are accurate. The Company is bound to cooperate with the student in this regard to ensure that brief is followed accurately. Student agrees to cooperate with the Company during the order completion process.  The Student agrees that failure to give order information and guidance during the completion of the order and delay in providing the guidance will lead to delay in the order delivery.  Thus, the Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused due to this.

Delivery of Order

The Company undertakes to deliver the completed order on the deadline. In the case, where Student failed to provide accurate and complete guidance, the delivery may be delayed. Student agrees that the Company shall not be responsible for any loss or damaged caused due to this. If the Company fails to deliver the order on the deadline, you will get partial refund.  Student also agrees that the Company will not be liable for the delay in the order caused by the technical issue, which involves third party and not in the control of the Company. It includes but limited to Mail Provider, Database Software, Internet Service and Hosting Provider.

The Company acknowledges that in the scenario where company is directly involved or responsible for the issue in the system, the Company is liable to provide an evidence of the issue and complete the order on new deadline. The Company does not guarantee to meet the deadline in the cases where death or illness of the writer occurs. In the given situation, the Company agrees to reassign the order and complete it on the time.

The Student agrees to contact the Company’s support in the case of lateness of the order via phone, email or live chat within 24 hours after the deadline. Student agrees to take the responsibility of any consequences caused by the decision to delay in contacting the support.  The Company shall provide the evidence that the order was completed and delivered on the deadline. In such case, Student cannot claim a refund.  The Student agrees that he will seek other ways to get a refund caused due to the delivery issues.

Revision and Amendments

The Company allows unlimited revision of the delivered order. Under this guarantee, Student agrees that he or she will not change the initial topic or requirements. In the circumstances, where Student changes the topic or revises the initial requirements, it will be considered as additional order and Student will be additionally charged for that.  

For assignment, essay, coursework, term paper, case study, project, dissertation/thesis proposal, and research paper, the revision request has to be submitted via email or live chat support within 90 days after the delivery of the final order document.

For dissertation and thesis, the Company allows unlimited revision until 12 months. After 12 months of period, no revision in the dissertation or thesis shall be deemed as Company’s responsibility.  


The Company exercises strict policy against plagiarism. In this regard, plagiarism is defined as words and phrases of others quoted without giving credit to original author and creator or quoted without proper paraphrasing. The Company is responsible where intended plagiarised document has been delivered to student. The Student agrees to report about the plagiarism to the Company and the Company will get it rewritten.

Amendments in Order Instructions

The Student agrees not to change the topic or fundamental instruction of the paid order after it is assigned to a writer. However, Student is allowed to share additional guidance or supporting files with the writer. In this regard, additional details should not contradict the initial requirements. In such scenario, the Company has the right to charge the Student as per its standard rate. The Student understands that in such case, the deadline may be affected and extended.

The Company agrees that if the Student finds any lacking or shortcoming in the delivered order, the Student can request for amendments for free of cost. The revision required duration is determined based on the work detail required. In the cases, where Student provides additional information after order delivery, the Company has the right to charge additional amount per se.

Payments & Refunds

The Company charges Student for research, writing, editing, and proofreading services as per the set price on the website. Principally, Student has to pay upfront, however, in cases where Student does not have the sufficient amount can request for installment. Even though, if Student prefers to pay in installments, yet he has to make down payment that accounts for at least 25% of the order amount. To be qualified for installment facility, your order amount must b equal to or exceed $200 USD. The Student acknowledges that once an order is paid and a writer is assigned by the Company, the order cannot be cancelled or refunded.

The Student agrees that refunds will be made in the circumstances mentioned in the terms and condition.

The Student confirms that where payment is made in advance to get a writer, the Company does not guarantee to find an expert. In the situation, where the Company fails to find a writer for the order, the Company will make full refund.

Paper Standards

If Student does not receive the ordered grade, he will be refunded the partial amount of the order. The refund can be made within 90 days after the delivery of the revised document. In this way, the Student can claim the refund only when Student has collaborated and cooperated with the writer in guiding the requirements. In the circumstances, where Student fails to cooperate and collaborate with the writer in meeting the expected standard, no refund can be claimed.

Further to this, Student agrees that to claim the refund due to standard issue, he or she will provide credible and concrete evidence that proves the lower grade or marks caused due to poor quality of the order. Where Student fails to provide such evidence, no refund claim will be entertained. The Company acknowledges that every evidences received in regards to the refund claim will be carefully evaluated and assessed. The Company will make the final decision after considering all the circumstances in regards to the quality.

If Student requests to perform a task, which is more likely to lead to lower grade, the Company shall not be responsible for that. Student agrees that in such circumstances, all the responsibility of any consequences will be borne by Student.

If Student provides incomplete instruction or details regarding the order and it lead to lower grade, the Company shall not be liable.



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